Passion Brings Happiness

I'm Wen, 34, a lover of drawing, I'm eager to share my works with people, one day it came to my mind that if the design be made on articles of daily use it will help people see my works easily, so I decided to sell items with my works on. But how to maintain the primariness of the works? I will not accept to have my works experiencing mechanical procedure in machine, so hand painting on the item would be a good choice. However, paint will come off from plastic, leather and other materials with smooth surface, then I had to choose fabric with acrylic paint, so canvas bags, canvas shoes, and other items made of canvas will be doable, and in order to help user wash the item, I used water proof paint on them.

I named my shop as WENartwork, because my name is Wen, and W refers to wonderful, E refers to energetic, N refers to natural, which can express my serious attitude towards my hand painting work. I am committed to design high-quality and hand-painted canvas shoes, Converse, VANS and TOMS brands are available for people's choice. People can customize any pure hand-painted shoes.

I ship orders with FedEx and EMS, which can provide safer, more accurate and more efficient delivery.

See the process of hand painting canvas shoes with water proof fabric paint by visiting the links below, take rose and tiger as examples:

Custom Hand Painted Shoes l Water Proof Paint l Unique Sneakers l Free Shipping

Wenartwork offers canvas sneakers with pure hand painting, water proof paint is used to help you wash your shoes. Contact me freely if you have interest in custom shoes. Wenartwork will offer you the best quality of shoes with elaborate hand painting and the most intimate service.

Hand painted shoes have become very famous in people who select unique gifts for their loved ones.